5 Easy Steps to Register Your Domain Name

December 26, 2017

If you plan to have a business presence on the web, the first step you need to take is to decide which domain name you want to use. This is considerably easier now than it was only a few years ago. Since so many top-level domain extensions are now available.

If your site is one of the growing number of legal websites set up for the purposes of lawyer advertising, your task may turn out to be quite a bit easier than it might be for someone still trying to decide what kind of business to run. There will still be work to do. But, your initial steps will be better focused if you already know your field and client preferences.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to register a domain name for your web business.

Start with Search

If you can get one of your key search terms or phrases into your domain name, that will give you a major advantage down the road. Especially when it comes to marketing for lawyers. It is possible to do some excellent optimization with subdomains. However, there is a lot to be said for having a key search term in every single URL on your site and in every link to your site.

You should consider consulting a search engine optimization expert. Or, someone who has experience with legal websites to see if this is a possibility.

Can It Be Pronounced, Read and Spelled?

It is never a good idea to use a domain name that fails even one of these tests. The reason is it will reduce your web traffic before you even get your site built. Lawyer advertising demands simplicity. While you’re making domain names for Law Firm Sites easy to talk about and write about, make sure you leave out the hyphens and dashes. Some contend these don’t confuse people, but if you have a choice, there’s no reason to take the risk.

Consider a New Top Level Domain

In the coming years, web sites will likely end up being categorized by top level domain names. This will have an impact on marketing for lawyers. Those extensions will be part of search engine results. And, will allow users to sort their search results by interest and content type. If you are running a particular kind of business, you should definitely consider at least registering a domain name using a new extension and then forwarding it to your traditionally named site.

Make Certain Your Registrar is Official

There has always been a risk of losing a great name by attempting to register it with a less than reputable registrar. Law Firm Sites are occasionally susceptible to this. Make certain the service you choose is officially sanctioned by the appropriate organizations and that you will have full rights to the domain name once you have made your payment. There is no reason to waste money on nonsense when you are trying to advance your practice.

Long Term

There are some who believe search optimization is more successful on sites with long-term registrations. If you plan to establish a business, and especially if you can get a discount, consider registering for two years or more.

Domain names are always a central issue for entrepreneurs. Make certain yours is well chosen and your firm will have a higher chance of success.