5 Common SEO Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

January 26, 2018
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So you’ve created your pretty awesome law website. And although it’s a great start, having a sleek, user-friendly legal web design just isn’t enough; you’re gonna need attorney advertising, and you shouldn’t go it alone. Unfortunately, this is the case with so many, which also happens to be the number one mistake, managing your own search engine optimization or SEO. No need to worry, there are plenty more common SEO mistakes made. Below, we’ll take a look at 5 of the most common mistakes made in SEO and how to avoid them.

1. Less Than Optimal Site Speed

The faster your site performs, the better the user experience. Having a faster site also improves your website’s crawl rate. Improving your site speed can be as easy as clearing your browser caching, optimizing your website’s images and minimizing JavaScript.

2. Lack of A Mobile Friendly Webpage:

With a strong majority of potential clients and customers browsing your website through a mobile device, it is crucial that your website be well mobilized and viewable through all mobile devices. Content that isn’t mobile friendly does not rank well, which can affect the user experience negatively. To ensure that your website is mobile friendly, focus on content that’s geared more towards mobile device usage.

3. Duplicating Content That’s Not Original:

Creating original content is encouraged. It allows your content to stand out and gain a higher ranking in search engines. But duplicating content that’s not original is discouraged, and typically receives a low ranking from search engines.

4. No Utilization Of Analytics:

If you don’t utilize or implement any analytics, then you won’t know what is actually working. Marketing for lawyers is all about conversions. Analytics helps you track what’s working and if you should continue to utilize it, especially when it comes to keyword phrases. Using analytics will help you optimize your website and give you further insight as to what you should be focusing on.

5. Focusing On The Wrong Keywords:

There are several types of keywords, such as global, generic, broad and keywords for users in search of free information. These keyword categories all offer a certain type of attraction for a certain type of traffic based off of the category of the particular keyword. This is a common misconception, as the best way to attract visitors is to be as specific as possible. Generic and broad keywords generate traffic, but the quality of that traffic is low. Essentially, you want to create a niche for your keywords to make it easier for search engines to rank your website higher. Furthermore, to attract a better quality of traffic.

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