5 of the Most Beneficial Social Media Sites for Attorneys & Some of the Worst

January 15, 2018
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Social media isn’t as conventional as it used to be. As the various platforms standardize on their chosen niches, the opportunities for certain professionals will naturally start to emerge. Legal websites and law marketing (including law firm sites reviews) have proliferated in recent years as the legal profession has come to terms with the fact practicing law on the web presents a number of unique challenges.
Finding the right path for attorneys marketing their services is an important goal. Developers like Law Firm Sites use their considerable experience to find the right marketing strategies. If you are looking for ways to use social media in the legal profession, here are some things to consider.


Without a doubt, the simple video blog is one of the best ways to make a connection with a potential client. While sites like YouTube have a global reach and will attract viewers outside your geographic region, the information you make available to the general public gives you considerable credibility with all your potential clients. And, not to mention the fact it can also make you a recognized authority in your field.


Following close behind the video blog is the traditional blog. Legal concepts are best communicated in writing, as attorneys marketing their services will attest. Legal websites are obviously the best option for firms interested in maintaining control of their message and audience. Also, the ability to connect with other attorneys, other legal writers and the average reader is invaluable.


Micro-blogging might not be all that useful on its own for a law firm, but the ability to notify followers of new content on another more in-depth site more than makes up for Twitter’s shortfalls. Like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter is also an excellent option for communicating with potential clients.


A site originally invented for arts and crafts enthusiasts might be an unusual choice for attorneys, but collecting pins is not limited to any particular profession. The best use of a visual site like Pinterest is to recommend products and services to clients. This makes your firm a resource in addition to being a qualified advocate.


Any attorney worth their Bar Association membership will agree more in-depth reading material is always welcome. Developers like Law Firm Sites can make use of links to quality reading material to optimize pages as well.With more than 40 million members, Goodreads is one of the most powerful platforms for any book-related subject. It is also home to some of the most knowledgeable people in the world of literature.

Not So Good

Sites like Facebook, MySpace and Instagram might be attractive for law marketing due to their large memberships, but with numbers comes visibility challenges and the overwhelming need to exclude hundreds of millions of people in order to find qualified leads. Social media is a challenge, to be sure. The benefits of a positive strategy on the right sites, however, is definitely worth the time and effort.