5 Basic Elements of Law Firm Web Design

January 02, 2013
web design

Law Firm web design entails much work and attention to detail. Our law firm web designers are experts at creating the best law firm web design to cater to each firm. Here are some basics that we utilize when drafting law firm web design:

Accessibility of information

Let’s face it, in today’s high-paced world, people want instant access to information.  Make sure that your law firm web design allows potential clients to find what they need easily and quickly.  State exactly what products or services you have to offer on the front page.  Incorporate a search box to allow web users to get what they need immediately.

Client- Focus

Understanding what your clients are looking for when visiting your site is very important.  Easy access to information is a large part of this.  If you have a law firm that is doable or sellable on your website, have a custom law firm website design which allows you to do so.  Keep your site concise; most users scan through dense paragraphs, so keep them short and relevant.


Regardless of the style you choose for your law firm website design, navigating the site should be fluid and easy.  The navigation system also needs to be reliable.  Clients who experience difficulty with broken links or other navigation issues will likely look elsewhere.


First impressions are critical on a law firm website.  A creative, professional, custom law firm website design will entice customers to explore your site and stay longer.  More importantly, the style of your web design should reflect your business.  Spending the extra time on the small design details can really pay off in the long run.


If nobody can find your webpage through an internet search engine, such as Google, your chance of getting new customers from web-traffic is slim.  Using SEO techniques and utilizing social networking sights can improve your visibility on the web and encourage customer growth.