4 Reasons to Love Being a Lawyer

September 14, 2015
love your work

Make a Difference:

When a victim is in need of justice, what can be more satisfying that being the attorney who successfully argued that case? So many people are in need of justification through the protections of the law, and as a lawyer, you are able to change their lives for the better. Not only can you get justice for the victim, you can prevent further tragedy by persuading the jury to keep the criminals behind bars.


One year you may be interested in criminal law, but then tax law might catch your eye. In other professions such a large change would mean major life and income changes, but as a lawyer you have the flexibility to make that change with relative ease. You can continually reinvent your practice to reflect your current goals and interests.

Be your own boss:

What is more liberating than being your own boss? Choose your hours, your cases, your salary, your work conditions, your office, and your staff. Schedule vacation time when you need it, and enjoy the flexibility to change your schedule whenever family or other concerns arise.

Uphold and Improve Society:

Our laws define our society by the protections they assign. As a lawyer you can be part of groundbreaking cases in terms of civil rights, expanding protections to the people, or ensuring a lawbreaker pays their debt to society. As the needs and definitions of society change, you can challenge laws that do not serve the public interest or common good. Lawyers are both the movers and shakers of the community, and also those who uphold and strengthen the principles and laws already in place.

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