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Auto Encrypt: What is it and do you need it?

September, 28 2018
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Jo Stephens
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Over the years, businesses have had to typically pay extra to guarantee their websites provided the highest level of data security available at any given time. There has been an increase in database breaches and data theft by hackers in recent years. Especially on seemingly secure websites. Therefore, designers have started to include high level security as part of their standard site design packages. One of the security measures that the best website design firms include is automatic or default encryption.

With this type of encryption, any data on a website is automatically turned into an unreadable code can only be read with a particular decryption key. The website visitor doesn’t have to do anything beyond interact with the site and create a unique password to gain access to their data. This type of feature is more important than ever before for law firms. The staff at a law firm can reassure their clients and site visitors that they don’t have access to any data provided on the website except data users agree to make available to them on the back end.

Law firm owners and partners should consider automatic encryption as important as all other law SEO efforts when talking to a designer about law firm website designs. Security features are often seen as an SEO for lawyer tool. People usually search for legal help via search engines and online reviews. Most of these searchers would prefer to work with a law firm that offers high-end security automatically. You also don’t need to worry about creating a false sense of security by using this technology. The best website designers employ a variety of security strategies to help make law firm and other websites as secure as possible.

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