3 Benefits of Having Videos on Your Site

November 13, 2017

More than ever, your ability to attract and engage an audience that stays on your site hinges upon the quality of the videos on your website. Videos personalize your site and add a more creative look, which is important even for law firm sites. The world has always been competitive. Custom videos come with plenty of benefits, but here’s the top three reasons to use them to attract a wider audience.

Benefit #1: Colors and Irons Your Message

Most readers prefer to digest information via video because they can see and hear the message much faster than reading it. Did you know, according to WordStream, that one-third of the time spent on the internet is done through watching videos? If you’re not tapping into that potential, you could be missing out on a key part of your audience. In addition, more than 87 percent of internet marketers have used video to market their message because it adds a touch of personality to their website.

Benefit #2: Drives Traffic to the Site

Search engines understand how videos have won the hearts of most consumers because it is one of the more user friendly websites, and for that reason, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a search engine that doesn’t favor videos. In fact, new posts with greater frequency raise your ranking, and custom videos will rank you higher in the search engines. You can use this as your SEO website strategy.

Benefit #3: Lengthens Your Reach

You can increase your reach just by integrating your blog with the social media networks, but you can take it one step further through videos.

For example, you can share both your videos and articles through the social media networks to let other visitors share both of these. This hands you more opportunities to go viral, which is good website marketing for attorneys.

As the creator of a website, you want to encourage visitors to return to your site again and again. You should see it as a victory any time you gain a new follower who comes back. The more people return to your site, the more chances you have to expose them to your value propositions and promote actions that lead to business for law firm sites.