Flashy Footers-Do’s and Don’ts for your Website’s Footer

December 18, 2017
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What You Should Include In Your Footer

The key to creating a good footer involves having a professional look while at the same time highlighting your law firm. If you are unfamiliar with what a footer is, it is the very bottom of a page. A footer is a great place to insert some lawyer marketing. You can incorporate lawyer marketing into your footer with some calls to action. You can say that if you have been injured in a car accident, then call our law firm today for a free consultation. It is also a good idea to include contact information such as a phone number and email in your footer. Including the location of your law firm is also important. This way, a person knows where you are located and where to find you.
A critical part of attorney website development is to make your information readily accessible to visitors to your website. Good web design for law firms will include links to your services at the footer. This will make it easy for a person to find out more about your services.
Footers are also an excellent place to include social media icons and trust icons within law firm sites. This is an effective web design for law firms tactic to connect with new clients and get followers on social media channels. A trust icon is accreditation from an organization such as the Better Business Bureau or state bar association. Placing it in your footer establishes credibility and makes you look professional.

What Not To Do With Your Footer

The footer should be simple. Do not stuff it with too much information. It is also a good idea to avoid flashy graphs and fonts. Ideally, the footer should be centered at the bottom of the page. Be sure to make it easy to read and visible. The goal of the footer is to market your services and provide them with links or contact information. Law Firm Sites can help you with attorney website development. We specialize in web design for law firms. Our team will optimize your site so that it looks professional and targets your client base.