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Domain Authority and your website: The Basics

November, 13 2017
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Jo Stephens

Online internet marketing for lawyers is all about getting the attention of visitors first and converting them later. Of course, if you never get in front of your target audience, it’s impossible for them to become your clients. One of the key ways to have more traffic to your law firm’s website is via SEO. And a good indicator of how powerful your SEO is, comes from the DA (Domain Authority).

What is DA?

Your DA is a number that was invented by Moz, a well known SEO blogging platform. They have a high number for top level domains like Facebook and Google, and a lower number for sites that don’t have very good SEO. You want a higher number because it means you are going to rank higher for keywords in your industry. A lower number means you might never get found unless you pay for traffic.

How to Improve Your DA

You can improve your DA in a number of ways. One of the factors is the quality of content that you publish and how frequently you put it out there. Google is good at understanding if your visitors are really engaging with the articles. Secondly, you can clean up the technical side of your SEO, such as backlinks, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Hiring Law Firm Sites

Law Firm Sites can help you increase your domain ranking in a number of ways. They have talented and experienced marketers and SEO staff to build out content and get you backlinks. They can also help you optimize your tag structures on your site so that Google can find it more easily for the customers that you want to attract. Finally, they can audit your site to make sure it is in compliance with best practices for SEO today.

When it comes to domain authority, it is crucial for your legal website. A law firm web designer can help you with your internet marketing for lawyers. Law Firm Sites can take your current marketing plan and put it into overdrive. That way you won’t miss out on opportunities to grow and expand. Instead, you’ll enjoy more traffic, leads, and clients for your law firm.

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