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10 Social Media Tips for Law Firms

January, 15 2018
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Jo Stephens

When it comes to law firm marketing, you need to use the internet. You have several options. You can spread word through your law website and other law firm sites. One of the best ways to do legal advertising is through social media. Here are ten social media tips for law firms that go beyond law firm sites reviews.

1. Work across different platforms

You want to make sure you have accounts on as many platforms as possible, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.

2. Post often

You don’t want your potential clients to forget about you. Post as often you need to stay visible.

3. Don’t post too often

Spamming people’s feeds with posts is just going to turn them off from your law firm. Make sure you are posting at a reasonable rate, no more than once per day.

4. Write properly

A law firm is expected to be a place of absolute professionalism. If your social media accounts don’t reflect this, you won’t be taken seriously. Make sure to proofread everything for spelling, grammar, and phrasing.

5. Share photos

Social media shouldn’t be all texts. You should have plenty of photos available on your pages for people to enjoy and learn more about your firm.

6. Be detailed

What makes your law firm and attorneys stand out from any other ones? You should have a thorough description of your firm and its qualities on your accounts.

7. Show the human

There are people behind your law firm. You need to make others aware of how important they are in helping your firm thrive. There can be things like posts highlighting individual members.

8. Post relevant things

Is there an important development regarding personnel at your law firm? Then, you need to post that on social media right away. You owe it to your clients and other interested people to provide the most up-to-date information.

9. Use videos

Videos you make and post on YouTube can be easily incorporated into your social media accounts. You can use these as an opportunity to tell about your law firm and all you do.

10. Boost posts

You can reach a wider audience on Facebook and Twitter through promoting posts. It costs varying amounts of money, but the increased exposure will definitely be worth it.

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